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Founder, Open Source Foundation of Pakistan, Co-Founder & CTO, OpenWare Business Pvt. Ltd

Open Source Evangelist, Tech geek, Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, renowned Linux trainer in Asia, having 18+ years of experience in Information Technology sector which includes; Open Source Technologies, Linux Systems, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Technology management, ICT4D, OS4D, Information Security, Organizational IT infrastructure planning, designing, implementation both in computer Networks & Systems, i.e. Network/Servers/Virtualization/Storage/Cluster computing.

Currently Babar is working as Chief Technology Officer on his own initiative OpenWare Business, A company providing hi tech solution based on Open Source Technologies.


In past he was associated with Oxfam Novib as Regional IT Manager for ASIA & AFRICA, during his tenure with Oxfam Novib he managed many small / medium technology projects in various countries i.e. Vietnam, LAO PDR, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Pakistan, Myanmar, Niger, DR Congo etc. He was part of Global IT Architectures group in Oxfam International as core technical member, where Babar with his team from different Oxfam affiliates around the globe had designed Global SMS Model office IT Infrastructure design for Oxfam country offices (offices in 97 countries) around the globe.

Emerging as a Social Entrepreneur, Babar is also looking for a social change in society using Open Source Technologies hence ensuring “Equal Access for Everyone to Innovative Technologies”. He strongly advocates that following in the footsteps of many developed countries, Pakistan should end its dependence on borrowed and highly paid licensed closed source Technologies and instead use Open Source Technologies, which are cost-effective, user friendly, secure and can be developed to deliver on local demands of public and private sectors at very minimum cost as compared to costly and less adaptive closed source software. He argues that it will not only help Pakistan grow strongly in this field but will help, utilize and polish the skills of our teeming youth bursting at the seams to showcase their talent and entrepreneurship. To accomplish these ambitious goals he has made a humble effort of establishing Open Source Foundation of Pakistan (OSFP) with the help of a very highly motivated team of IT experts, academicians, researchers, innovators and even the go-get-it type of students.

As a founder of OSFP his initial aims was to promote Open Source Technologies in Pakistan, educate/train Pakistani IT community/ IT Professionals and common computer users to use Linux Operating System & Open Source Technologies. To spread the word and knowledge of Linux OS & Open Source Technologies around; he is running various technology blogs & portals i.e. http://www.LinuxUrduCBTs.com , http://www.OpenSourceEducation.net , http://Youtube.com/user/BabarZahoor , https://vimeo.com/babarzahoor, http://Tune.pk/user/babarZahoor

He speaks on National / International technology events to share his knowledge and experience on IT & Open Source Technologies. Babar is also part of Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter as a member BoD, who steers the Internet Society Pakistan chapter activities.

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